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Kıvanc Whiteloops was founded in 2009 by Kivanc Sarikus, a multi-instrument musician, composer and music producer. His musical background started in Izmir, Turkey where he grew up as a singer, guitar - and ney player, before graduating on dubble-bass at the Dokuz Eylul University Conservatory of Izmir.

By than he discovered that his passion for music was not covered by playing only. He felt that every place in this world has it’s own colour and sound, and he wanted to discover and capture them in order to share them with others. This feeling brought his attention more and more towards recording and producing music. He therefore continued his education at the CODARTS concervatory in Rotterdam, Holland, where he graduated as a Music Producer and Sound Engineer in 2011.

During this second study he built his own music studio and started the company Whiteloops from where he works for a broad variety of clients, since.

His background has provided Kivanc with an unique ability to combine eastern and western soundwaves by using different styles, rythms and instruments while producing. He has an extended network of professional international musicians and specialized companies to work with.

In PORTFOLIO you can find examples of his work for companies and artists. Via you can find out more about Kivanc’s personal music and his band.

A: Linkerrottekade 250
3034 VC Rotterdam
T: 06-15909766
KvK: 24466395